Real Talk: My money & where it “Was” going!

If you read my latest “Real Talk” blog post on “Budget” you’ll know I’m about $85,xxx.xx in student loan DEBT! Yes $85 THOUSAND. What the hell was I thinking!?

Well at the time I had the idea I’d go to school, open a bakery, and make a killing! BUT reality struck a little too late and I could not afford to stay in the baking biz at the time. (This is still a plan, I am working my way back into it. On my terms.) So at the time I was not making enough money to pay my car payment, let alone my student loans. So, into DEFERMENT they went. BIG mistake!

I then realized I needed to find a job that would allow me to afford my monthly expenses. At that moment I new I could not enjoy this path I was on if I was always so stressed out over my bills. So I put my big girl pants on and fortunately found myself a job that paid me enough to cover my expenses and some. So I thought.

For the past 6 years since graduating, and deferring my student loans I had this idea I’d live with my loans all of my life. Damn was I wrong! How could I be so ok with paying loans for the rest of my life!? It literally took me this long to wake up and smell the shit I’ve been sitting on for years! GIRLLL I was living it up! Spending here, buying this, getting that! With the “EXTRA” cash I thought I had…(HARD EYE ROLL)

So here I go, I’m paying this shit off. And this is my journey. BUT in the mean time where was my money going? Now, don’t get me wrong. Your girl here loves to pamper and spoil herself. So here are a few things I was literally buying on either a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule!


I was spending around $85-$140 every 4-6 weeks on these baby’s. And I am not going to lie, or deny that I miss this. But for now it has stopped. YES- it is totally okay to treat yourself once in a while, but unfortunately in my line of work these were literally getting stubbed, stuck, or chipped at least once a day. OUCH! So for now I’ll stick to her less expensive sister the “gel mani” with no acrylic.


Now I don’t think I’m alone on this one, but I did the math and I was spending around $210 a month if not a little more on my daily stops at the local Starbucks. And again it’s fun to have a treat every once in a while, BUT not only are they pricy but they are loaded with sugar! So we’ve invested into a Keurig and now my coffee is roughly around 30¢ a cup! What a bargain!!


Although it hurts my heart, I will no longer go to the local or any target for that matter to “look around”. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one… But I was literally going to target multiple times a week! Spending any where from $40-130 each trip! Getting things I never knew I needed and “couldn’t” go on with out! I like many others LOVE TARGET. I’ve narrowed my trips down to 1 MAYBE, 2 times a month. Only buying what I really need. No more browsing around the store. “YES! I know the dish soap is not in this isle babe. I just wanted to look at something really quick!” That won’t fly these days! I’m not going to lie, I will grab one or two items I’ve been wanting. But I now make a calculated and well thought out decision when I do make a purchase even if it’s a $20 item.

(This is my last “big” haul from target. I remember this day. I waited so long for this collection by Chip and Joanna Gains to come out. Hearth & Hand. Chip and Jo if you are reading this… I LOVE y’all!)


With tears running down my face, I must stop the madness! Just kidding… But really. Going to Sephora every Thursday ( There was a promotion where they would have a few “Hot” items on sale starting every Thursday) to say the least, was getting expensive! “Wow I never knew I NEEDED like 18 different matte quick dry liquid lip paints by TARTE!” (Side note I’m obsessed with these. NOT SPONSORED! I wish I was though, maybe I wouldn’t have spent $230 on them that day!) That was one of my many shopping trips. Love love love makeup but I needed to look at the big picture. I don’t know if I will ever go back to these extravagant weekly “treat yourself” shopping trips but for now they are on hold.

(I can feel it in my bones, I’m missing a few…)


So this one is pretty easy. Being that Albert and I work a lot and have really long commutes, we would eat out at least 3 or more times a week. Sometimes twice a day. (lunch & dinner) When I finally began challenging myself to paying off my student loans it was easy to say we needed to cut back on eating out. We’ve decided that $150 every two weeks for groceries ($40 cushion) was fair. Lunch meal prep on Sunday nights. Grocery shopping and meal planning every other Wednesday. (better sales “double ad Wednesday” at sprouts WOOT! WOOT!) I’ve also found that by doing this we eat less shitty food, and it’s not as stressful trying to figure out what we are going to eat. Personally I can see me doing this even after my debt is paid off!


This is a though one. It is way to convenient to click, pay, ship. This one has to be one of the harder ones for me. I actually used to HATE shopping online. There is something about getting to actually look and touch what you’re buying, paying for it, and getting to take it home at that moment. But something in me changed and shopping online was a next level of excitement. Especially when you get that confirmation email that “you’re order has shipped” HOT DAMN! AND I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO GET MY ASS OFF THE COUCH! Now all I gotta do is sit on the balcony, sip my tea, and watch for the delivery man/woman to bring me my goods!!! I can honestly say that for now I think about how much this item will benefit me before I buy. No more emotional online shopping. At least not as many…

Emotion plays a large roll in what we do and what we buy. But I feel like at this time I am growing more and more each day. Now, I’m not perfect and I am still learning. My budget might be off some days and I make mistakes here and there but this is strangely fun. It’s so uncomfortable and crazy but fun. I am making sacrifices today to enjoy tomorrow.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks post! I am working on creating more content based on my lifestyle and passions. You’ll be seeing more and more baking/ cooking posts, debt progress updates, the good the bad and the ugly! Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see on my blog! Thank you for reading! See you back here soon!

XO, Estephanie

6 thoughts on “Real Talk: My money & where it “Was” going!

  1. Stephy, awesome blog! Definitely an eye opener because I can relate on a few things especially Starbucks! Boy am I afraid to do the math on what I spent last year… Maybe that’s what I need so I can stop throwing my money away… thank you for sharing and nice job on paying those student loans off! Get ’em girl!


    • Thank you! It is a scary thing to think of. I had been spending so much money with my boujee ass “lifestyle” and mean while over here in debt! Once I did the math I realized I needed to do something. I was never going to get out of this hole if I didn’t make changes. I am happy and motivated. I will keep posting any updates so you can follow along with me! Thank you for the love and support it means so much! I love you Yoyo!


  2. Aww I love ur post!!! I can relate to some of the items you listed. I also made goals this year to stop spending money on insignificant stuff. Can’t wait to read more of your blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

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